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Does anybody miss the festival, walks or parades?

We stated this a while ago, when the FAILED 3rd ave merchant association wanted to tax us with a BID – we asked “if we did not have the walks or festivals would it really matter? Well the social experiment was forced on us by this virus – and now that those events have been cancelled, we believe the facts state NO the events were not necessary or demanded by the majority of the businesses on 3rd ave. Dont get this wrong, we enjoyed the Ragamuffin parade, but after 40+ years it got tired and for the past years looked so. The festival and walks really are not missed as they were mostly for OUTSIDE vendors that paid. Businesses DID NOT live off the 1 festival per year.

So, nice to have – yes, meaningful -no, worthwhile – maybe, remember just because it was done in the past does not mean it should go on forever – some things are BEST left to memory. A memory FREE of a never ending tax on our properties and businesses – remember the BID would have gotten paid even during our shutdown – and next year all taxes are increasing!

Ask 5th ave – who are STILL paying for the BID despite being closed

Ask 86th – when Century closes they may die a slow death – where was the expensive BID tax to help them? The bid did not even know Century was in trouble – they just took the tax dollars and paid themselves – ask them!

Thank goodness we stood up and STOPPED the 3rd ave BID tax!

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