3rd Ave BID

Many NO votes came this weekend – Thanks ALL!

Morning ALL – Hope your weekend was great! The coalition against the 3rd ave BID had an amazing weekend!

Many sent in their NO votes and we had a few give us some interesting information we will share later – great insights people and lets keep the pressure on – NO NEW TAXES. NO NEW TAXES – lets all say it together – NO NEW TAXES!!!!!!

Bridges and tunnel tolls are going up!
They want to spend $100 million on new schools on the ave further hurting businesses
Bike lanes
Meter maids
Parking meters
HIGH property taxes


We will be posting several videos of FACTS in the next few days – stay tuned and get everyone to VOTE NO to the 3rd ave BID TAX

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Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.