Chinatown BID – Income and Expenses 2016

If you compare and contrast the Chinatown BID Income and Expense report to the 5th ave in Brooklyn’s one, you will notice quite a startling similarity.

Chinatown BID 2016 – 2017 Financials

Like the 5th ave BID, it has taken weeks to get information from the Chinatown BID in regards to detail and clarification as to the actual expenditures.

BID’s do NOT like to give up the details. I am involved in a few of these BIDS and can say they rarely give up the details easily. WHY? well if they did, than anyone looking objectively at the information may question the BID’s existence. This is a known tactic of BIDS to camouflage their expenditures and what we are actually paying for. They will rant and rave about how great things are BUT never give you the details.

3 weeks and counting for the detailed information of the Chinatown BID – and to think they requested $250,000 MORE money a year!

Its your money!
DEMAND detailed information – just like you would if you purchased any other service or item.

SAY NO to the 3rd ave BID

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