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BayRidge Property Taxes – Someone has to pay for all the FREE stuff!

Have you gotten you property tax assessment yet? Don’t be surprised if it has gone up drastically. Lets be honest – someone has to pay for all the administrations FREE programs – FREE is a 4 letter word – WE pay for the FREE.

Will a BID decrease this? Will a BID change this? NO only tax us more!

Our supposed leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, blatantly state that our goals are set to high and we should not have what we have but distribute it to others. Who voted for these people? High school politics now running our lives?

These people NEVER had a business, NEVER had to make payroll, NEVER understand cost-sell-profit, Dont “get” that strangling the people with economic burdens only makes us more dependent on govt – Maybe that’s their goal?

Why do we work 100 hour weeks? Why do we have ambitions, goals? Not to give it away or have someone child tell us that we have our sight set too high – perhaps they need to re-read history – anyone look at Venezuala lately.

Back to property taxes: Councilman Brannon wants to hear form us – he wants to help – lets stand together and take our city back –



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