3rd ave Businesses Targeted by City for Awnings

The city of New York  in its effort to destroy local businesses by their corrosive oppressive policies, has struct yet again!

A stretch of 3rd ave businesses received $400 – $8000 fines for their awnings. Did someone call? Did the city target a wealthy neighborhood? We will never know. All we know is that we have to pay – yet again.

Councilman Brannon – came to help by having a moratorium (correct me if i am wrong) on the fines to give businesses a chance to understand their rights and challenge the fines. If this did not happen, than the fines would continue to increase with late fees, taxes and penalties. Thank you councilman for helping us!!! This is why they need our support.

As for a BID, where was or is the Merchant association? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would an expensive BID have prevented the city from attacking us – NO!!!

Say no the the 3rd ave BID!



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