Make 3rd ave Great Again!

Lets Make 3rd Ave GREAT Again!

Plan to Greatness

What WE need is an asymmetrical solution – a new generation with a whole new explanation tempered with historical perspective and leveraging technology to make 3rd ave great again!

Step 1

Support Your Local Business Weekends

Every other weekend Saturday and Sunday, all local businesses offer SPECIALS to 3rd ave and Bayridge residents only!
This is a great way to get the community involved and to have them not shop on line and spend money supporting their local businesses. You can easily build repeat customers, offer family restaurant discounts and more.

Let the community know our services and products

Lets support each other

Lets make our neighbors WANT to spend money with us instead of Amazon!

Display banners: “Support your local businesses”

Petition to have signs on every 4th block showing what is available in this area

Have local papers run small add promoting (see step 2)

All businesses with web sites cross promote each others business within a 1 block from theirs – we are all in this together

Step 2:

  1. We target 100 KEY businesses on 3rd ave (the ones having the most benefit from the organization) we ask them to pay $50 month ($600 year 10% discount for yearly pmt, 20% for 2 years x 100 = $60,000 a year, 150 = $120k per year) – the amounts are negotiable
  2. We have members of the “old guard” and the fresh blood visit and propose this to the key businesses and have them sign up now!
  3. We offer AUTO monthly credit card billing for the dues (completely eliminating the ineffective current collection process)
  4. Every 3 months we do an expose on the participating businesses and tout their wares and how they are making a difference – 1 business per quarter
  5. We off businesses to “adopt” specific blocks of third ave to keep clean – we come up with a cost and when paid, we put up a sign and have the papers again tell who is adopting what – we RATE the adopting business on effectiveness and all agree to provide qualitative feedback
  6. All participating businesses post on the 3rd ave web site with coupons, offer instagram day!
  7. We create a database of businesses on 3rd for marketing (emails, fliers etc)
  8. We have all local and non-local papers bid on our business for advertising
  9. Web site allows for payment by credit cards and paypal
  10. We have the 3rd ave banks COMPETE for the credit card business with no fees for banking
  11. ACTIVELY – approach new business, buy them welcome flowers, have them sign up, distribute their marketing material – work with them to be successful- make 3rd ave a great place to set up shop, 30% 1sy year discount, free add in paper with discount for continued marketing
  12. Make a deal with the lighting people – 2 year up front payment DISCOUNT, (side note: does the association have indemnity insurance for the lights, what IF we have an incident where a light falls etc.. the business/building owner will be sued) All building MUST have an insurance cert of additionally insured from association and lighting company for installation
  14. If we CHOOSE to have festivals or walks we ALL divide up the labor to make it successful – skin in the game – FREE is a 4 letter word we all took advantage of


Greatness or Lais-Sez-Faire (hand off)

If we cannot get 100 businesses to commit WITHIN 90 DAYS of hard effort, we can assume no one is interested and each business does what they always do – survive on their own. The city has rules we all follow: clean streets, garbage, Consumer affairs – “et- nausium” ANY good business owner will always present their business in a clean professional manner and do the advertising they deem will provide them the most success. If they do not see “value” in an organization – its their money and their business.

The plan is SIMPLE, COSTS NOTHING and requires MINIMAL work.

Have a better idea? Let us know!!


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