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Meters have gone up!

Just noticed the meters on 3rd ave and probably the entire city have gone up! $1.50 an hour and $4.00 for 2 hours – WE TOLD YOU! WE SCREAMED IT EVERY DAY! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! While we have been hiding under our desks the city if screwing us! What would a BID have done? nothing! Ask your friend bob howe and his band of tax collectors what would they have done – ASK your elected official brannan. Oh BUT we have christmas lights!

Oh wonderful! The meter maids are ticketing like ants to honey, businesses being strangled, taxes, insurance and everything else going UPPPPPPP – Whats the solution? Its time for a revolution – the same old ways are NOT working. We need to come together and rally and fight back. DONT FORGET THEY ARE SECRETLY CHANGING ZONING TO BRING LOW INCOME HOUSING IN FORCE TO THE AREA! WHEN WILL YOU STAND UP?

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