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    The decay of our way of life

    First Pot, than sex, than infanticide – yes we need a BID to help us take back our morals, our society and our businesses. Our socialistic Mayer, the corrosive business policies, the FREE FREE FREE items to all – and “they” want to charge us more for a BID? The designers of this disaster will not be here to pay for this distribution of our income. They are from the past, with failed ancient ideas and zero business acumen. Who put them in charge? You? Me? I don’t remember anyone asking us if we needed their help – if we did we would have PAID for their failed Merchant Association.…

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.