5th ave small signs
Failed 5th Ave BID

Can you see it?

Driving down 5th ave today, I had to look really hard to “see” the expensive signs that draw so much business to the area. Can you see them now? They cost well over 3 million dollars of your hard earned money.

Lets not forget, the 5th ave BID for doing such a great job has been awarded another 3 million dollars to “study” the business problems of the area – lets review this, the BID has been in existence for several years, has wasted millions of your dollars and NOW needs more money to STUDY the problem?

Yes my friends, the power that run these BIDS will do anything to justify their existence at our monetary expense.

Ask yourself – if the BID went away tomorrow, would I lose customers? Would the city stop picking up the garbage? Would 5th aver be better or worse than it is now? If you cannot answer those questions quickly for the BID, than it should be dissolved!

Vote no on the 3rd ave BID!

Vote to END the 5th ave BID!

Can you see the signs? It took 4 pictures and almost climbing the pole to see them – your BID dollars wasted!

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