Failed 5th Ave BID

Lets ask a few hard questions:

  1. $5000 donation – was this political? Can we enumerate this actual expense?
  2. Advertising – can they enumerate what this was spent on with examples and how they track it.
  3. $168k is spent to clean the streets – how many times a day/week and times is this service performed?
  4. $38k for security – can they provide their approx. schedule for verification or at least the contract and responsibilities of the private security.
  5. How many empty stores on average per year were there BEFORE and AFTER the BID?
  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Can they advise how the BID measures success in terms of BEFORE and AFTER – what metrics are they using and can we review those before and after numbers?

Email Amanda Zenteno <>, the 5th ave BID person.

A BID is a money hungry monster with no meaningful benefits
The 5th ave BID devours $450,000 a year of their hard earned money!

Don’t let “them” go in your pocket!


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