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    Protecting their income by taxing us

    They come out of the woodwork WHEN THEIR MONEY STREAM IS THREATENED – Failed 86st street BID – has he gotten paid during this crisis? have you? All quiet during the years of failures and increases to YOUR TAXES but now they pop their heads to protect their money stream – 86st businesses and property owners – VOTE TO GET RID OF THIS TAX!

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    Demand our tax dollars Back!

    Remember this? Howe, his cohorts and brannan Used $65,000 OF OUR TAX DOLLARS to try to force a tax on us with a bid! Imagine if we had that $36,000 now? We could have maybe helped some of our fellow businesses STAY IN BUSINESS during this virus. We should demand our money back OR at least accountability of how it was PISSED AWAY – lets demand answers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The death of 86th Street?

    The death of 86st?? When a retail area relies on a single point for most of their foot traffic and build infrastructure around it while satellite stores feed off of it, its collapse can mean devastation – so may be 86st where Century 21 was by far the largest draw of foot traffic to the area. Traffic patterns, busses, trains all were geared to this single block of retail – NOW its gone. Only time will tell what will happen. HOWEVER, the 86st BID STILL will suck the pockets dry of the the avenue. Where were they during the crisis? What words of wisdom did they have for this problem…

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    No New Taxes

    Do we need ANOTHER tax? A BID is a tax that can never be removed and always increases – Ask 5th ave and 86st how much they pay for a BID on their taxes. The BID got paid during this crisis – did you? They are guaranteed to collect their tax from you or you will be fined! What has the BID done for 86st now that century is leaving? nothing!!!!!!! 5th ave is no better after over $7 million spent! BIDS are like insurance – good until you need them, BIDS dont fight for you during the times you need it most – THINK – DURING THIS CRISIS WE…

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    3rd ave merchants must disband

    Return the businesses owners money! The DEFUNCT 3rd ave merchants MUST disband and return the remaining money to the merchants – They tried to tax us with a BID – they supported the rioters and looters, THEy support politicians that want to defund the police AND THEY WANTED TO TAX US FOR IT!@!!!!!!!! DISBAND AND RETURN THE MONEY!

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    3rd Ave Merchants MUST disband and return remaining monies

    The ineffective, defunct 3rd ave merchant association MUST remove the OLD remaining lights from the avenue and return the remaining money they have to the merchants that paid – THAN DISBAND! Until we can be released from the chains of our govt and get back to business, than we can implement our fresh ideas for revitalization and growth – until than – we want our money back!

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    Remove the limp lights on 3rd ave!

    The outdated lights still limply hanging on 3rd ave – Sad, lifeless, half lit – they make the ave look unkept, disused, old – this is the legacy of the 3rd ave merchant association – completely disconnected from the local businesses – REMOVE THE OLD LIGHTS – DISBAND the 3rd ave merchants and RETURN the remaining money to the businesses!

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    3rd ave Merchant Association MUST Disband

    Its well past time for the 3rd ave merchant association to disband and return any remaining money. They have become inert to the ave’s needs, use the association to promote their own businesses, supported the rioters and looters of our city and politicians that support defunding the police, homeless and the chaos and finally SUPPORTED and PROMOTED a BID tax on us – look at 5th ave STILL paying the BID tax even during this insanity – THANK GOD WE HAVE 1 less tax burden!They must disband and return the remaining funds.

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    Its always about money and power

    While you were hiding and making stupid tic-toc videos – your political leaders were plotting to take more of your money! Despite pandemic, agency handling city fines still going strongUnlike much of the city bureacracy that shutdown during the pandemic, the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, OATH, immediately switched to remote operation, using online video and phones.

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.