• 3rd Ave BID

    No BID seems to work!

    Edwin Cosme August 14, 2019 at 7:56 pm Are you kidding me currently there are 76 BID’s throughout NYC and not one not one since it inception in 1981 has been voted on to dissolved and many of us are beginning to understand why – the fact is that once the BID is formed its pretty much up to the executive committee for each of its prospective BID to vote to dissolve and we do all know that this will never happen because in doing so they literally vote themselves out of an income and job. Another form of Taxation Without Representation! Everything is already structured in such a way…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Will a BID fill these empty stores?

    3rd ave has a large number of empty stores – this does not look good for a neighborhood – in the span of 4 blocks we noticed 1 block almost devoid of life – empty stores stood out like tombstones. Will a BID fill these stores? 5th ave spent $5 million and counting and they have almost same number of empty stores. A BID is a tax that provides no benefits

  • 3rd Ave BID

    3rd ave is clean!

    We just walked along 3rd ave from 75st to 81 st. We found the streets to be spotless, the sidewalks bright and clean and no garbage flowing out of the pails or filth stains on the side walk – UNLIKE 5th ave! If 3rd ave is as clean as the pictures show, than why do we need to spend more money on “cleaning services”? 5th ave is FILTHY compared to 3rd ave and they spent $5 Million Dollars and counting! Compare to Filthy 5th ave with an expensive BID!

  • third avenue bid voracious monster
    3rd Ave BID

    The BID Cost Revealed

    $900 a year to start Per 1000sq ft of property!!Per person Per Property Owned! The TRUE COSTS:$1100-$1500 year/property! The BID starting budget$560,000 per year$240,000 a year for administration 50% of the money is for management! When have any of us made $560,000 a year profit? Another Tax on our businesses A BID is a voracious monsterconsuming our money with no benefits. The monster ALWAYS needs to be fed!The Monster can never be Stopped! The budget is NEVER CAPPEDThe budget ALWAYS Increases NY Chinatown BID Needs aMassive Increase in Money! Say NO to the 3rd ave BID! Business Owners & TenantsA BID will INCREASE your Rent! Your rent WILL INCREASE to…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    Just The BID Facts

    Over $1000 per property owner a yearStarting Budget: $560,000Starting Salaries: $250,000. It’s being said that BID opposition is propaganda – we don’t know the facts. So lets have ONLY the facts about a BID. BID board members are employees – they get a salary – ask 5th ave! A BID is a TAX – an assessment tax, meaning the government enforces collection. If you dont pay your TAXES, you will be fined and a lien be placed on your property – A TAX INDEED This Assessment TAX – once begun, can NEVER be removed A BID’s budget is NOT CAPPED – EXPENSES ALWAYS GO UP – hence a BID’s budget…

  • no bid on 3rd ave
    3rd Ave BID

    3rd ave’s unknown cleaning service

    Has ANYONE noticed people in green outfits CLEANING 3rd ave? The company is known as Wildcat: The Power of Work. They rehabilitate people leaving prison – they give them paying jobs – BRAVO. I spoke to several of these people on the avenue – they all are grateful for the job. Would not a BID cleaning services cripple the opportunity of these people to be productive citizens! When you see these people cleaning the avenue – thank them and Say NO to the third avenue BID! Comments from a 3rd ave merchants: The 5th ave bid is a SCAM!!You either agree with us…or leave Read More “We won’t know the…

  • 3rd Ave BID

    We the People of 3rd ave!

    We the people of 3rd ave – request PERCH group be immediately fired for its unprofessional bullying of our fellow 3rd ave residents and REFUND the $36,000 of our tax payer money they received We the people of 3rd ave – want to know the EXACT amount of money PERCH has received and how much they will be charging us – we have asked for a long time with no answers – we want to see publicly their entire contract We the people of 3rd ave – request the steering committee disband for their support of the PERCH group continued bullying tactics – their silence is their support! We the…

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