3rd Ave BID

Judging a BIDS Success

There can be NO generalities

Repeating “IT WORKS – IT WORKS” does not make it so.
We need specifics on exactly what we are paying for and how we can determine if the BID is an actual success. Each item that is proposed for the BID must have, in detail, the costs & services we will receive and HOW it will be measured for success. Read More

If an item is Marketing, than we need to know how much will be spent, what venues will marketing be concentrated, what type of marketing will be done (if you are a 99 cent store, marketing pizza is not beneficial) and HOW we will measure the marketing success.

If you use Groupon or other coupon service , you have a list of what you spent and how many people actually used the coupon. This tells you exactly how successful the marketing money was spent.

Remember, we are spending our hard earned money

We MUST demand to know how its being spent and how we can measure success.

A few ideas of how we can measure success
If you have others let us know:

  1. # of empty stores last 2 years BEFORE BID and each year after
  2. Participation – this year less than 25% of LOCAL stores participated in festival – this MUST be above 50%
  3. Better pricing on lights – Need to see last 2 years of invoices to better negotiate
  4. Homeless? MASSIVE problem increasing in area and causing business issues – how will this be addressed in DETAIL
  5. 20 KEY businesses (to be determined) yearly Gross before and after BID to verify money spent is working
  6. All Events MUST have 50+% participation of Local businesses with earnings report to BID for metrics
  7. Bi-Monthly Surveys of each business participating in BID to judge effectiveness
  8. Zero tolerance for graffiti, homeless and drugs
  9. Cleanliness and beautification are NOT measurable effectively – they are subjective per person
  10. Clear metrics of each and every marketing dollar spent with all businesses reporting any increase of sales

Say NO to the 3rd ave BID!

Vote NO 3rd Avenue BID!

You Must Download and Print a paper ballot. Drop off to us at
7515 3rd Ave or give us a call (718)921-6159, we can pick them up.